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Rhonda Shear


Brushed Fiber Wire Free Bra with Flat Lace Backstyle

Brushed Fiber Wire Free Bra with Flat Lace Backstyle

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  1. Brushed Fiber Wire-Free Design: The bra features a wire-free design crafted from brushed fiber, ensuring a soft and comfortable feel against the skin, addressing the common discomfort associated with wired bras.

  2. Flat Lace Backstyle: The incorporation of a flat lace backstyle adds a touch of elegance and femininity to the bra while providing a smooth and seamless appearance under clothing.

  3. Soft Comfort 4-Way Stretch Fabrication: The use of a 4-way stretch fabric ensures maximum flexibility, adapting to the body's movements, and offering a soft, comfortable fit throughout the day.

  4. Jacquard Printed Knitting: The jacquard printed knitting adds a stylish and textured element to the bra, enhancing its visual appeal and making it stand out in terms of design.

  5. Padded Straps with Adjustability: Padded straps contribute to enhanced shoulder comfort, and their adjustability allows users to customize the fit, addressing the pain points associated with ill-fitting bras.

  6. Knit-In Bust Shaping Contour: The bra incorporates a knit-in bust shaping contour, providing a natural and flattering silhouette without the need for underwire.

  7. Removable Pads Dyed to Match: Removable pads, dyed to match the bra, offer versatility and the option to customize the level of padding based on individual preferences.

  8. Thin Elasticized Knit-In Band Under Bust: The thin elasticized knit-in band under the bust ensures support and stability without sacrificing comfort, addressing common concerns related to band tightness.

  9. Center Front Ruching Bust Support: The center front ruching not only adds a stylish detail but also provides additional support to the bust area.

  10. Wide Smoothing Back: The wide smoothing back contributes to a seamless look under clothing, offering a smooth and flattering appearance from all angles.

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